Lower and Upper Uckersees

The two Uckersees, Upper and Lower, lie in the center of the Uckermark within the triangle formed by the cities of Prenzlau, Templin and Angermünde. The region’s hills and lake basins were formed during the last Ice Age by a glacier which terminated here.

The Lower Uckersee on which the regional capital Prenzlau lies has a water surface area of approximately 10 km². The Upper Uckersee to its south measures about 685 hectares.

Fergitz lies on the western banks of the Upper Uckersee, while the villages of Warnitz and Quast face it from the other side of the lake. Seehausen lies on the northern hip.

The Upper Uckersee lies in the Ecosphere preserve Schorfheide-Chorin. The broad belt of reeds, under environmental protection as wetlands, allows very few points of access to the lake. In Fergitz, visitors can enter the water through the public bathing area "Karl Flach" with its small sandy beach.

On the island of Burgwall in the middle of the Upper Uckersee, one can still find the remains of a Slavic fortress built around 1100. At that time, the island was connected to the mainland by two bridges now lying below water level. Archaeological investigations led to discovery of the bridges’ erstwhile support pillars on the lake floor.

The village of Fergitz has made exemplary efforts to renew its cultural heritage. In just seven years, the Foundation Kirchenhus Fergitz e.V. succeeded in restoring the town’s dilapidated church to its former glory and turning it once again into a lively village center and meeting place.